Thursday Thoughts – Baking School!

Just a quick thought of the day.

Since joining Instagram, I came across #kitchnbakingschool, from The Kitchn. It’s 20 days’ worth of baking lessons, particularly pastry lessons. Since learning to cook, my baking has fallen to the wayside and I think this would be a fun project, even if I leave most of the homework to the weekend.

I’ve always been decent at baking but not particularly good at it. I can make basic cookies and muffins and they’re delicious, but nothing really in depth or hard. I’m going to take this challenge, starting with learning to crack an egg with one hand.

Anyone want to do this with me? The lessons start here.

This weekend I’m going to attempt homemade eclairs I think.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Baking School!

  1. What a good idea! I’m a pretty good baker (after all I’ve been cooking/baking already for over 30 years), but a refresher course would be great! Thanks for the link! Now, do they have one for cooking fish? LOL 🙂 🙂

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