Thrifty Thursday – Lessons Learned

Last week I talked about how I overestimate my budget to make sure I don’t overspend. This week we had a larger than normal grocery bill. It’s important to learn how that happened so I can plan for that in the future.

My budget was around $67, we ended up paying $82.

  • Snacks: pretzels and Doritos (this goes back to the benefits of shopping alone. Pretzels were on sale for $2 but hubby grabbed Doritos because I was getting pretzels)
  • Bread (on sale for $2.49)
  • Granola bars (regular price)
  • Shaving cream and toothpaste (regular price, he grabbed them when they weren’t on the list)
  • Ketchup and jelly (regular price)
  • Pasta and pasta sauce (spaghetti $0.88, lasagna noodles $1.50, and a jar of sauce $1.50, all on sale)
  • English muffins (6 on sale for $2.49, could have saved money by going to Costco)
  • Shredded cheese (on sale $2, could have saved money elsewhere)
  • Eggs (regular price)
  • Greek yogurt ($3 for a larger tub, for healthy snacking)
  • Ricotta cheese (on sale $3.99 down from $5.49, for lasagna)
  • Milk, lactose-free milk and orange juice (regular price)
  • Frozen fruit (1 pkg $3.34, not as good of a sale as last week, but stocking up for when not on sale)
  • Frozen broccoli (on sale for $1.25)
  • Chicken thighs ($2.09/lb, $3.57, could have saved at Costco)
  • Frozen scallops (on sale for $6)
  • Lemons and bananas (regular price)
  • 2 lbs of organic carrots (on sale $1.99)
  • Turkey sausage (on sale $2.99)
  • Sandwich ham and cheese (on sale $7.99/lb and $3.99/lb respectively)
  • Quick oats – I eat this every morning so I snapped up two big containers when I saw a deal 2/$3. Unfortunately for them, someone stocked it wrong in that spot. Fortunately for me, they gave them to me at that price. It’s always worth asking, I was prepared to accept it if they told me it was wrong. Two containers would generally be around $8, I got them for $3.

Lessons learned: go to Costco more, plan for snacks, someone needs to tell me when they’re out of toothpaste and shaving cream, and always stock up on really good deals.

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