What I Read – Named of the Dragon by Susanna Kearsley

Named of the Dragon

First published in 1997, this re-release will be published on October 6, 2015. I received a copy through NetGalley.

When I saw this book was available, I couldn’t help but request it because Susanna Kearsley is on my short list of favorite authors. Her books are rich with imagery and characters and original plots.

Lyn is a literary agent who represents Bridget, a children’s book author. Bridget, who is infamous in the agency for having a special personality, invites Lyn to Wales to spend Christmas with her and the man she is seeing, another author. She has two reasons for the invitation: she wants Lyn to distract James from Bridget’s attempts at wooing another man, and while she’s at it, sign James to her agency.

Immediately, Lyn is introduced to a wide cast of characters, including James’s brother Christopher, their neighbor Elen, and the reclusive playwright Gareth, the object of Bridget’s affections. While she attempts to keep the peace and enjoy the holidays, she’s also dealing with strange recurring dreams that lead her on a quest to figure out the prophesies of Merlin.

As always, this book is filled with gorgeous descriptions of scenery and the subtle weaving in of supernatural elements that move the story along without being too over the top. On the surface it’s a normal story about a group of friends spending the holidays together, but her dreams along with the supposed madness of Elen and stories of Arthurian legend make this a delightful mystery to unravel as you go along.

Another thing I love about these books is the undertone of romance. It takes a backseat to everything else going on, but is still there along the way, developing slowly and gently. This book, and all of her others, are definitely worth your time. 5/5.

3 thoughts on “What I Read – Named of the Dragon by Susanna Kearsley

  1. I can thank you for introducing me to Susanna Kearsley…I agree! She’s on my short list of favorite authors too…I’ll have to check this book out..haven’t read it yet. Thanks!! 🙂


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