Thrifty Thursday – Another Shopping Trip

Shopping for this week’s groceries was an experience. I went alone again, which is pretty cool, but it was my husband’s turn to pay, so he gave me cash. A lot of people shop this way and it’s a good way to be mindful of what you’re spending. It’s easy to buy more than you need when no money changes hands, it’s just numbers on a screen.

When I make up my grocery list, I input what I expect to pay for each item into the app I use and it totals it up for me. I always overestimate everything. Just this week, I needed soy sauce and rice vinegar, but couldn’t remember what I paid for them, so I put them in as $4 and 5 respectively. (Keeping a price book is a project I’m working on). That covers what it should be, and helps me keep in mind what a reasonable price is for items.

I ended up paying $2.99 for soy sauce and $1.79 for rice vinegar. That automatically knocked $4.22 off of my estimated shopping budget. And now I can confirm that those are the regular prices for those items for a future shopping trip.

My estimated budget was around $70, knowing that I was overestimating on a few items. My husband gave me an $80 budget to stick to, just to cover everything. My final total was $67, and that was with a few added items that didn’t make it onto the list.

Here is what I got for that amount:

  • Paper towels (on sale for $0.10 cheaper, whoo)
  • Granola bars ($0.50 off)
  • Soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice and sugar (staples, all regular price)
  • A box of couscous that comes with a flavor packet, I just use the couscous inside for meals (on sale for $1)
  • Milk and orange juice for the hubby (juice on sale for $2.99)
  • Frozen fruit for my morning oatmeal, as berry season is pretty much over (Buy 1 Get 1, $4 for two bags)
  • A pound of frozen broccoli (on sale for $2.50)
  • A pound of ground turkey ($1 off)
  • A bag of spinach (regularly $2.99, down to $1)
  • 5 lbs of potatoes, hopefully I can use them all ($1.88)
  • Bananas, mushrooms and a lemon (regular price)
  • A container of tofu (on sale for $1.49 down from $2.50)
  • Turkey sausage and half a pound of ham for sandwiches (regular price)
  • Feta cheese ($4)
  • Ice cream, sherbet for him and a mini Ben and Jerry’s for me ($4 total, B&J on sale for $1)
  • And my best deal yet, two pounds of shrimp ($3.99 each, down from $6.99)

I love feeling like I got a pretty good deal for my money.

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