Fashion Friday – Travel Capsule Results

 photo travel capsule_zpswdd0b5pj.jpg

Travelling light was pretty much a success, I’d say. There are a few things I would have done differently though.

Plans changed, so I didn’t need my dinner dress or my skirt for church.

I wore my shorts once (with loads of bug bites to prove it) and my jeans the rest of the time. Even though an adorable puppy gave me muddy pawprints by jumping up on me.

I wish I’d packed an extra shirt. I ended up wearing my gray t-shirt from the plane to bed so I didn’t want to wear it again, and the blue blouse twice.

I packed three pairs of socks, plus my sneakers and flats, and didn’t end up wearing any of them and wore my sandals all weekend. No dress or skirt = no dressier shoes. We weren’t quite as active as I thought we might be, so I didn’t need my sneakers.

So for future packing, I need one more shirt than I think I’ll need and only one dressy outfit. And never three pairs of shoes for a weekend.

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