What I Read Wednesday – The Violet Bakery Cookbook by Claire Ptak

Violet Bakery

This book will be released on September 29, 2015. I received a copy through NetGalley.

This cookbook is full of recipes from Violet Bakery, a small place in London. The owner trained in California at Chez Panisse, a restaurant founded by Alice Waters. When she left for London, she went on a food journey before opening Violet Bakery, which is all detailed in the beginning of the book.

The Violet Bakery Cookbook focuses on flavor. Instead of being full of sugary sweet recipes, it focuses on the science behind flavor in baking and how to balance sweet, salty, bitter and sour to make amazing flavor combinations. It also offers some tips on baking, such as baking one cake in a deep pan and cutting it into layers. Or sending your sugar through a food processor to get the lumps out instead of sifting.

The recipes are divided into categories such as Morning and Midday, or when you would usually enjoy each treat. For breakfast, enjoy some scones or cinnamon rolls (which I definitely want to try), and for lunch, try some savory bread pudding or a quiche with squash and sage. For teatime, there’s a special banana bread or a coffee cake with cardamom and walnuts. Then there are the cake recipes, like devil’s food and carrot cake, along with a few different icing recipes.

Despite being recipes used in the bakery, they are all simple enough to do at home with equipment you could have on hand. Some of the ingredients are specialized and might not be as easy to get, but there are plenty of recipes that anyone anywhere could put together.

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