Thrifty Thursday – September 17

When you read this, we’ll already be in the air!

This week, we spent less than $10 on our dinner ingredients. I wanted to outline how we did it and other thrifty things we did this week.

I only had three dinners on the menu, which brings it way down, of course. The first one, Scallops with Angel Hair, was free because I bought the ingredients last week and didn’t use them.

The second, Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli, is cheap because it’s made up of stuff I always keep on hand. I already have a stock of chicken in the freezer because I buy when it’s on sale, and I picked up the chicken leg quarters as well. The rest of the dish is made up of spices, sauces and staples, like brown sugar, garlic and soy sauce, plus broccoli, which I try to always keep in the freezer.

I picked the last dish, Butternut Squash with Cumin Couscous, because I can experiment with something new (the squash) but everything else is made up of staples. I have canned tomatoes and chickpeas, and even some couscous. Cumin I bought recently, and need to find ways to use it.

Despite dinner only costing $10 for the week, our grocery bill was around $60. So what did we buy?

  • Toilet paper – An $8.99 pack was on sale for $4.99
  • Trash bags – I had a coupon for $1.50 off.
  • Soup – was on sale for Buy 3 Get 3 Free. It’s not the most healthy soup, but it’s a good thing to have in the cabinet in case of sickness or cold lazy days.
  • Canned pineapple – I love using this in my stir fries, so I grabbed a couple of cans on sale for $1 each.
  • Quick oats – I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast, and a 42 oz canister was on sale for $2.99
  • Peanut butter – Natural peanut butter with flaxseed was on sale for $2.50.
  • Green peppers – I love green peppers, so I had to snatch a couple up at $0.99 per pound. They’re usually $1.69 per pound. I’ll chop these up and freeze for later, guaranteeing we save money on another meal or two down the line.
  • Bananas – We buy these weekly, so $0.33 per pound down from $0.49 is a pretty good deal.
  • Blueberries – End of season, so I need to eat them while I can. A small container was $2.50

On Friday, I took advantage of another store’s sales. I pass it on my way home from my parents’ on Fridays, so I didn’t go out of my way to save money. They had chicken leg quarters for $0.89 per pound, canned chickpeas for $0.79 each, and I grabbed a box of garden pasta on clearance for $0.89. Not a bad little haul.

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