Tasty Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli

I wanted something really easy for dinner last night. This is a really easy dish… when you don’t have to dissect practically a whole chicken to get it.

$5 worth of chicken. So much meat!

These things are huge too. I hate cutting them up but they’re so useful. I use the chicken legs for one meal, the thigh for something else, and the backbone piece + thigh bone in my chicken stock. I currently have at least three gallon bags of chicken pieces in my freezer.

I used the deboned thighs for this meal.

After the chicken is deboned and cut into bite-size pieces, start the rice. Also mix the sauce. This sauce is very very salty, so low-sodium soy sauce is recommended.

Brown the meat. I like to use my wok. My oil likes to splatter me when I cook this.

Missed a couple of steps, oops. After the chicken is brown, add blanched fresh broccoli or frozen in. Then stir in the sauce you mixed earlier. Once it has thickened from the cornstarch and everything is all good, you’re done. Serve it over rice, or mix it in like I do.

Find the full recipe here.

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