Fashion Friday – Labor Day Haul

I was in need of a more adult wardrobe, so I decided to take advantage of the Labor Day sales to grab a few things. Kind of an early birthday present to myself to get ready for our trip. 
Old Navy was my first stop. I picked up two tank tops and a camisole in cobalt, kind of a teal/forest green and the camisole in skin tone to wear under things. The tanks were $6 each and the camisole was on sale for $3.  
I also grabbed this cardigan because I needed one in turquoise. It’s more of a teal than aqua like I wanted, but it’s nice. It was on sale for $17.95.

After stopping in a few more stores, I went to my old standby, JCPenney. I found a nice cobalt blue blouse with a scoop neck and back, and a lacy sweatshirt. I wasn’t sure about the sweatshirt but it was cozy and I love the idea of it, so when nothing else I tried on looked nice, I grabbed it. It was on sale for $20 down from $34, and the blue top was only $10.

The dark red dress on the right kickstarted my shopping spree. I was at the mall with my husband, and I stopped into Charlotte Russe because everything in the store was $20 or less. I fell in love with this dress instantly and it was only $20. It’s more of a maroon than the picture shows. When I went back the next day for my haul, I scoured their clearance rack and found the black skirt. It ticked all of my boxes. I wanted a full dark skirt, I’ve always wanted a maxi dress/skirt, and it has buttons all the way down the front. Plus, even though it’s a maxi skirt and I’m super short, it doesn’t drag the ground. For $10 I had to grab it.

Never pass up hitting holiday sales! I haven’t paid attention to them for years, but you never know what you can find.

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