Coffee and Cardamom Shortbread from The New Sugar and Spice

On Wednesday, I reviewed The New Sugar and Spice cookbook. This recipe sounded delicious so I had to try it.

First of all, the cardamom. I had no idea how hard it was to get until I went looking for it myself. I found it right away in my regular grocery store, but it was in the specialty/gourmet spices for $10 and $13. I thought I could look elsewhere and hopefully find it a bit cheaper. Hard to justify those kind of prices for a one-time use. Trader Joe’s didn’t have it, I enlisted my best friend to try some other stores and they didn’t have it. Our most high-end grocery chain had a spice section three times the size of ours, but they only had it in one brand, and it was $15.

So I sucked it up and bought the $10 bottle. I’ll have to figure out some other uses for cardamom.

The recipe also called for a springform pan or a tart pan, but I had neither, so I used a plain square pan with some parchment paper to lift it out with.

The recipe was very easy, it didn’t even require two bowls. It’s unique in that you mix all the dry ingredients first before adding room temperature butter and vanilla, and blending with a mixer. There were no milk, eggs or baking soda/powder. The result is this, a pan of nice flat, buttery, delicious cookies. I would definitely make these again.

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