What I Read Wednesday – Bathsheba by Angela Hunt


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, which lists its release date as September 1, 2015.

As I said my review of The Touch of Betrayal, I love retellings, especially ones like these. I was raised religious so I read my Bible growing up, and women were so often mentioned in it but their stories were seldom told. These kind of books humanize them and make you realize that people back then weren’t so different than they are now. They had hopes and dreams and made mistakes like anyone else.

Bathsheba grew up under a prophesy, that one day her child would influence the world. She was what was known as a tob woman, a dangerous beauty. When she was of age, a marriage was arranged with a soldier named Uriah, and they quickly grew very fond of each other. What they didn’t have though, was a child. Despite all of their efforts, Bathsheba never got pregnant, and Uriah had to leave her to fulfill his soldier duties.

One day while bathing in the courtyard, she is spied from a distance by King David. He is captivated by her beauty and orders that she is brought to him, where he uses her and sends her home. To her horror, she later finds out that she is pregnant. When David can’t conveniently make the problem go away by blaming the pregnancy on her husband, he has him killed and marries her himself.

From then on, Bathsheba is wrapped up in the daily life at court. The kingdom is surrounded by treachery and sorrow, which follows her, David and his other wives forever. She never asked for any of it, she merely wanted a happy life with her husband. Bathsheba learns to accept her situation and love the people around her, and finally fulfills her prophesy.

This book was full of action and not knowing who to trust. Betrayal was around every corner, and sorrow was closely linked with it. The book was riveting, not quite ‘unputdownable’ but it made you eager to return to see what would happen next. I’d give it 4/5.

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