What I Read – A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan

A Window Opens

This book will be released on August 25, 2015. I received a copy through NetGalley.

Sometimes, a great opportunity isn’t always as good as you think.

Alice Pearse is surprised when her husband isn’t made partner at his law firm and quits without discussing it with her first. Suddenly, the part-time book editor of You magazine and mother of three has to face the prospect of finding full time employment.

When she is approached by Scroll, the new name in book retail, she is thrilled. They are the future, reinventing the way people see bookstores. Suddenly she has an important job that will provide her family with a paycheck as her husband puts together his own firm.

Except, things aren’t always what they seem. She’s old-school, she loves paper books and spending an evening with books and wine at her friend’s bookstore. Scroll is the future, providing a lounge for people to read and purchase ebooks, as well as first edition paper books. Until, that is, they decide paper is wasteful and other things are more profitable. This is not what Alice signed up for.

As she is needed more and more at work, she is neglectful of her home life. She doesn’t see her kids’ everyday changes as they grow up, she doesn’t realize how terrible her husband’s drinking problem is, and she doesn’t make enough time to spend with her ailing father.

Alice has to figure out how to balance everything and still come out on top, or what to drop to make it happen. She gets a lesson on how truly precious life is.

I rate this book 4/5. It’s the perfect book to read on a slow summer day and really get to know the characters. It makes you think about life, but at the same time is light enough for a beach read.

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