Fashion Friday – Looking Forward to Fall

Still working on what I want to do with this Friday feature but I thought of a good post for this week.

It’s back to school season, so people like me who love fall are looking forward to breaking out the cozy sweaters and boots. I’ve been doing some research on upcoming fall fashions so here are some things on my wishlist, if I had money to spend on clothes.


A long cardigan, preferably one that’s thick and can double as a coat. Also, lucky me, gray is a popular color this fall.


I’ve been drooling over a coat like this for years now. I hesitated buying one in Target the first year I saw them and haven’t had the opportunity since. This year I’m stalking the stores as soon as coats come in and hopefully I can find one.


A plaid scarf. Plaid is very in for fall and these blanket scarves were very popular last winter.


I need a bag upgrade. I’ll be turning 26 next month and I’d really love a smart looking handbag like this one. I’m still dying for a satchel like I had on my Wishlist, but one like this will probably be easier found on a budget. Right now I carry a tote bag with the school my husband works at on it. It holds everything, it’s just not very mature or dressy enough. I just need my bag to be big enough to hold my iPad or my laptop once I get one.

What are you dying to get for fall?

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