Tasty Tuesday – Sausage and Scallop Skillet

This dish was a surprise hit for us. Zucchini, or squash in general, isn’t something I like, pretty much at all. The first time I tried this, I followed the recipe and used shrimp. This time I used scallops. When I don’t really like an ingredient, I give it three chances before I won’t use it again. This was my third time cooking with scallops and I think we have a winner. If only in this recipe, I will continue cooking with scallops and zucchini.

First I chopped up the zucchini, a red bell pepper and a green bell pepper, and some turkey sausage. I did not use a spicy sausage. I also started thawing the frozen scallops and prepared other ingredients such as the tomato paste and chicken stock.

I forgot a few pictures of steps. First I cooked the scallops for a few minutes then removed them from the skillet. Then I cooked the peppers and sausage before adding everything else, including spices.  Wait until the sauce has thickened.

Add the scallops back in and cook for a few more minutes. And you’re done. With how we usually eat, I wanted to throw some rice in as well, but you really don’t miss it much, plus you don’t add the extra calories.

The recipe I used is here.

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