Thursday Thoughts – August 13

I know, I skipped my review yesterday. It will be up at some point soon hopefully.

I am frustrated. Changing my last name is turning out to be a pain. I got my social security card finally, and went yesterday to the DMV to get my new license. Besides how long it takes them to come in the mail, those are fine. It’s everything else that’s a pain.

I get my freelance work through the site Upwork. People have complaints about it but it works as well as expected. However, changing my name is not going to be fun. I need to scan in my driver’s license and a bank statement of some kind to verify my new name. However, if I change my name at the bank, there’s a chance I might not get my money deposited in the meantime because the names (from work and from the bank) don’t match. Why is this so confusing and convoluted? Gah, so annoying.

Same goes for changing student loan info. A couple of them need to either be faxed or snail mailed a copy of my driver’s license. This is 2015, this stuff should be much faster and simpler! I changed my name on two different doctor websites/patient portals simply by typing in my new name. How difficult.

More rants than thoughts but it’s what I’ve had on my mind lately.

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