Thursday Thoughts – August 6

Does anyone else feel like they go through cycles of not knowing what to do with yourself and then nonstop stuff? After we got back from the honeymoon on July 27, we had a whole week to ourselves where literally nothing happened. He was off of work and somehow I had no work to do despite letting my clients know I was available. It was a long, lazy week.

Then on Monday, I had jury duty (which they didn’t actually need me for, thank goodness) and my long time editing client had a lot of work for me and then asked me to do a very large project. Then, if that didn’t keep me busy enough, another client popped in and asked me to edit 10 stories! Where was all of this work when I had nothing to do? Such is the life of a freelancer I guess.

Life after the wedding has been fine. Everyone keeps asking us if we feel different, but really things are just going back to normal. We’re happy to finally be married, but it doesn’t change much in our day to day lives. Only legal stuff has changed, like waiting for my new social security card in the mail with my new name on it so I can get my new driver’s license so I can change everything else with my name on it. Seriously, why isn’t there a government office where you can just do a ‘marriage name change’ and they take care of all of this for you? It’s not like it’s uncommon.

This isn’t Thrifty Thursday, but I have to say: I know buying in bulk is awesome, but why does my store do the most random ‘buy 6 get this price’ sales? I don’t need 6 bottles of salad dressing. I don’t have room to store 6 loaves of bread. No one needs 6 – 59 oz bottles of tea or 6 – 60 oz bottles of juice. I mean, I guess that stuff won’t go bad that quickly and if you have a big family it could be useful, but why not more sales on stuff you buy individually like yogurt?

Shopping the sale papers is so much easier if you’re one of the people who buy name brand, processed foods. If you’re trying to eat whole foods, most of the produce is stuffed on the back page and there are only a few sales for pantry staples. And coupons are very few and far between. But hey, if you need 6 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, this is your week.

Now back to work, I have to get a lot done before tomorrow where I have limited computer access. Next month we’re taking a short vacation to visit my family as well, and sometime soon I need to get my wisdom teeth out. That’s still not done.

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