The Wedding!

Wow, it’s been quite a weekend! I don’t have the official pictures back, but I do have some that my uncle took.

Friday night was a bit stressful, we had some scheduling conflicts with my friend who was going to come help set up all the food and get ready in the morning, but we finally finished at 1 am. Of course, that means I got almost no sleep, especially since I was a bit stressed out and a tiny bit nervous. I got maybe three hours of sleep and had terrible bags under my eyes. Thank goodness for makeup.

Then in the morning, I got ready, went to get my hair done, and got the car all packed for us to go get the chapel set up. My fiance got there early to set up the tablecloths and decorations.

Everything went okay except for a minor freak out when we realized we didn’t pack anything to serve the salad with. But the ceremony went fine, so quickly it’s a bit of a blur now. But that’s good because I was most nervous about it.

Of course, something has to go wrong at every wedding, and at ours, I realized during the reception that one of my earrings fell out. I borrowed them from my mom and they were my grandmother’s, so of course it was a bit upsetting. Everyone went over every inch of the chapel but it was never found.

We had a lovely weekend honeymoon in a resort cabin and look forward to a nice relaxing week together.

 photo DSC05551_zpssnwjyz7k.jpg
My centerpiece vase and candles. Some of the guests took them home for souvenirs.

 photo DSC05552_zpstnom2uv9.jpg
Sandwich buffet. We had ham, turkey and roast beef, American cheese, tomato and romaine to put on the sandwiches, and rolls, focaccia, and brioche bread. My best friend, my photographer, put together that lovely meat platter by hand.

 photo DSC05561_zps66xwndja.jpg
The cake. Pound cake, Italian buttercream frosting and fresh berries. And it was easily the most amazing cake I have ever tasted. My aunt made it.

 photo DSC05627_zpso3roqgdt.jpg
My bouquet. I bought 5 sunflowers for $4 and a bunch of white roses for around $6, both from Trader Joe’s. The daisy type flowers were from the grocery store for about $6 as well. I put it together myself.

 photo DSC05645_zpsquqelkck.jpg
And, of course, the groom. He’s so adorable. I guess I didn’t look terrible either.

 photo DSC05647_zps0uvb9cws.jpg
A picture of us posing for a picture. I’ll post a few of the official pictures when I get them.

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