Thrifty Thursday – Bulk Buying

We were two months overdue in renewing our Costco membership but we finally renewed it over the weekend. I love Costco, I constantly see things that we can use, but can’t buy because our bill adds up quick or we don’t have room to store whatever it is.

This is what we saved money on this week:

  • Diced tomatoes – I use at least a can a week, always in my casserole/one pot dishes. This box of 8 will last a month or two at least. Sometimes I can get them on sale for $0.88 but this box was $5.99 or $0.75 each.
  • Mozzarella cheese – We make a lot of pizza and cheese adds up. Especially if it’s not on sale and we have to pay $3 or more for a couple of cups of cheese. Here’s 5 pounds for $11.59.
  • Ground turkey – This hasn’t been on sale lately, I found organic ground turkey for sale at our grocery store for $7.99 a pound, the normal stuff is around $5. This four pound pack of ground turkey was $17.43 or about $4 a pound.
  • Chicken thighs – I’m constantly using these. Occasionally they’re on sale for $0.88 or $0.99 a pound randomly, but we got a 10 pound pack for $0.99 a pound.
  • English muffins – My fiance takes two English muffins every morning to work with some jelly, so he goes through a lot. For the good ones, that’s $4+ for 6. We get lucky and buy them up when they’re B1G1 or even B1G2, but this pack of 18 was $5.49. That’s like $0.30 each!
  • Milk – A gallon of milk at the grocery store is often $2.79. It was $2.39 at Costco.
  • Pickles – I’ve said before that he eats pickles like they’re going out of style. We’re buying a jar every week pretty much. We bought a gallon of whole pickles for $3.99 and are going to slice them for his sandwiches with our fancy slicer thing.
  • Cashews – I’m not a nut person besides almonds, so these are just a snack for my fiance. We found 2.5 pounds for $15. Which isn’t bad when a few ounces at the store is like $6.

I love Costco, not only for the amazing deals but how well they treat their employees. When my fiance asked if we wanted to try Sam’s or BJ’s for bulk buying, I refused. I’m totally loyal. Do you shop at Costco or another warehouse store? What deals do you find?

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