Tasty Tuesday – Honey and Soy Glazed Tofu, Broccoli and Rice

This is the ultimate in easy dinners. You can’t get much simpler than three ingredients. It’s also great when you want a stir fry but don’t want to go to the effort of chopping up all the vegetables and cooking up meat.

I learned this tofu drying technique from Alton Brown on Good Eats. I always just wrapped the block of tofu in paper towels then a kitchen towel and put my cookie jar on top. It wasn’t very effective. Now I slice it, lay it between paper towels and a kitchen towel, place something flat on top like a baking sheet or a cutting board, and then put the cookie jar on top.


Then chop up the tofu and marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce and honey. Start cooking a pot of rice.

Cook the tofu in oil in a skillet or wok. I like sesame oil for my stir fries but you can use any good oil for that.


Once the tofu cooks for about five minutes, add broccoli. I like frozen because it’s always fresh tasting and doesn’t wilt before cooking.

When the broccoli is warmed enough for you, stir in the rice. And you’re done.

This is such a delicious, easy weeknight dinner. Try it out with the full recipe here.

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