Wedding Flowers Practice Attempt

In the interest of saving money and the fact that I wanted to go to floral design school, I thought “I can make my own bouquet, no sweat.” So I bought some floral tape and a cheap bunch of flowers from the grocery store to practice before the big day. I took a few flowers at a time and taped them together with floral tape, which took some getting used to. Apparently floral tape doesn’t work like regular tape, you have to stretch it out to get it to stick to itself, and only itself.

First of all, daisies weren’t the best idea for a first time project. They don’t have long stems, only a bunch of short ones grouped together. With such short stems, the flowers had to be squished in together very tight.


It also didn’t make a very big bouquet because they were so tightly put together. Definitely not big enough for the bridal bouquet I want.image

But it makes a cute little table decoration until it dies.

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