Thrifty Thursday – Stocking Up to Save

Hey, guys! Yesterday was my bachelorette party/day and I am exhausted. We ate and shopped and ate some more. I’m seriously going through a food hangover right now. I had to take some Pepto Bismol before bed and I couldn’t sleep a bit all night. But oh it was worth it.

We started off the day with breakfast at a little hole in the wall and I got a Belgian waffle just covered in fresh berries, yum! Then after a long day, we went to this fancy restaurant where we had a cheese plate and three different kinds of appetizers, including some edamame hummus, and then I had an amazing chick pea burger for dinner. You know how much I love chick peas. I only ate half of the burger and I was that stuffed. And I get the other half for lunch today!

Stockpiling has been a popular idea for a while. It has certain connotations, such as being popular with preppers and couponers, but in general it’s great for the average household as well. It’s important to know your limits, either in what you can use up before it goes bad, or the limits of the space you have. Don’t stock up just because you can get it for cheap, that kind of thing.

I’ve been working on my stocking up skills by figuring out good prices for things we use a lot of. It’s still a work in progress but there are a few things I try to always grab when they’re on sale.

  • Chicken – I’ve written about this before. It’s amazing to find chicken when it’s on sale for less than a dollar a pound and then freeze what you don’t use right away. Then you can take out what you need for dinner, let it thaw and part of your dinner didn’t cost a thing that week.
  • Bread – We eat a ton of bread but I don’t want to buy the cheap, corn syrup-filled ‘wheat’ bread. When some of our favorite kinds are on sale, often for buy one get one, or two for a certain price, I grab two and try to keep a loaf in the freezer all the time.
  • Pasta – I’ve been trying to cook a little less pasta, but it’s always good to have on hand, particularly whole wheat pasta. When it’s on sale for a dollar or less, I try to get at least one box, even if I’m not planning on using it that week. This is especially good because whole wheat is generally a little bit more expensive.
  • Rice – I’ve yet to see a really good sale on rice but I’ve been stocking up by buying big bags because we eat so much of it.
  • Frozen vegetables – I try to always keep at least a bag of frozen broccoli in the freezer, it’s a great addition to a lot of meals that need a little extra nutrition. I also like buying frozen peas and edamame.
  • Ground turkey/chicken – This is a new one, but I’m going to try to keep an eye on it. Not on sale, it runs close to $5 for a pound. This coming week it’s on sale for $2.99 so I’m going to try to get two and freeze a pound for later.
  • Canned tomatoes – Some people frown upon using canned tomatoes, and they have valid points, but I can’t beat the convenience and the fact that the thought of fresh tomatoes grosses me out. I use canned diced tomatoes in everything, and a can of crushed tomatoes for my homemade pizza sauce. I have to build my stock up more when the price drops below $1 each.
  • Beans – Eventually I want to start cooking dry beans, but for now I want to build up a stock of canned, especially chick peas. We don’t always have the time to remember to soak beans for hours.
  • Coffee – My fiance doesn’t drink coffee, so we don’t go through a ton, but I empty bags and cans pretty regularly. My store regularly sells certain brands for $3 or less so I try to grab one each time the sale comes around.
  • General personal hygiene products – These kinds of things pretty much never go bad and you always use them, so they’re great to stock up on, particularly toilet paper and female products.

What do you always grab when you see a great deal?

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