What I Read Wednesday – Books to Movies

No review this week but I have a ton coming up, scheduled all the way to December.

Recently I’ve been watching Under the Dome as it’s in its third season this summer. I read the book by Stephen King a couple of years ago and loved it, right before the show was set to premiere. I had high hopes, but of course the film version took off in a completely different direction from the book as soon as it could.

I try to view the different versions objectively because they are different mediums, but as anyone who watches it knows, branching off was not a good idea in this case. A lot of the people who are still watching Under the Dome are watching it because they can’t wait to see what crazy thing they’re going to do next.

Some books transition to movies and TV just fine. Outlander comes to mind, I’ve been watching it religiously since it premiered. They’ve been sticking very close to the source material and when they do take liberties, it fits in very well. It’s the film version all fans have been patiently waiting years for.

Other books to film I think were done well:

Tuck Everlasting – Did anyone read this growing up? I saw the movie first then read the book, and I actually liked the movie better. It was a little more adult than the book and the one movie that I think throwing in a love plot actually helped.

Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine is one of my favorite children’s book authors. Her books take fairy tales and give them such depth and a lot of background. They changed a bit for the movie of course, but it was funny and they kept the essence of the book. I’ll admit I went to see it in theaters three times for some reason.

Anne of Green Gables – I’ve mentioned before that L.M. Montgomery is my favorite author of all time and Anne is very special to me. The movies seriously did them justice, even changing what they did in the second one. My one problem is with the third one, I was so angry when I found out what they did with it. But yet I still watch it along with the first two because it’s still a good movie in its own right.

Please comment and add your own favorite (or least favorite) movies and TV shows made from books!

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