Fitness Friday – Challenge Complete!


Last night was day 30 of my fitness challenge! I did not skip a single day.

On the first day I tried starting with 50 squats, which was such a bad idea. I was sore for probably a week after. After that I started doing both crunches and squats on the same pace as the push-ups, and last night I completed 50 squats again, but I’m not sore today. I’d call that progress.

The one category I struggled in was planks. By about day 20, I still couldn’t go past 2.5 minutes. This was mainly when I was doing multiple push-ups, wearing out my arms and they couldn’t hold me up for the plank well. I’m thinking about starting the plank challenge over and adding in a different squat challenge, like this one:

We’ll see how that goes.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Challenge Complete!

  1. I like the looks of this fitness challenge… Maybe I can give it a try… I tried a ab challenge once… but this looks more fun because it has a variety of activities…
    Well done on completing the challenge! And good luck with the new one!


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