A Dream Come True

Had a small wedding shower yesterday for basically just our immediate families. I’ve been wanting a Kitchenaid mixer for at least five years and my mom said that when I get married she’ll get me one. She followed through and now I am the proud owner of a silver Kitchenaid mixer!

I don’t even know where to begin, what is the first thing I should use it for? If any of you own one, what is your favorite thing to use it for?

We also got an ice cream maker, I’m so excited to try it out too! Plus, we’ll be spending the weekend after the wedding on a small honeymoon in the mountains.

9 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. Yeah!! KitchenAid…awesome! My sister Heidi has one but I’ve yet to buy one…I’m a get your hands dirty kind-of gal…lol.. But I’d love to have one – I think mostly they’re used for heavy duty baking… 🙂


    1. It will be a big help when I need to make any kind of baked good that starts with ‘cream the butter and sugar together’ which is almost impossible to do by hand well, at least for me. I also want to make different kinds of bread and stuff. We had a stand mixer already but it didn’t have a dough hook and it was terrible for actually combining things. The beaters stayed in one place and the bowl rotated so there was always batter in the center that didn’t get mixed. I’m so excited to use this one!

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      1. I agree it will be a big help! This past weekend we spent in a remote cabin in the woods and I made a raspberry crumble by hand! Mixing the dough took FOREVER!! But it still tasted good! lol


      1. Mmmm sushi. I know it’s not 9am yet (at least here!) but that sounds yummy right now. I am so glad the families got along, too! That’s always a relief.


      2. Definitely, especially since my family is very conservative and his isn’t. And doesn’t that sound yummy? I could eat sushi daily if I was able.


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