Fashion Friday – Closet Series #2: Pants Capsules

On Day 1, I laid out a bunch of clothes to make a cohesive wardrobe. Today we’re making outfits to see just how much use we can get out of them.

Regular wash jeans set

All of the tops go with the normal jeans. The blue t-shirt is standing in for both my blue t-shirt and my blue empire waist top that I found at Savers and can’t find anything like it online. I also forgot to include my striped t-shirt in the closet pictures because it was in the laundry. This makes 11 simple outfits, with no completer pieces or accessories.

Dark wash jeans set
The same goes for the dark wash jeans, now we have 22 outfits.
Black skinny jeans set
Neutral pants really give you the optimal number of outfits, while giving it a completely different look. Now we have 33 outfits.
Gray jeans set
Gray pants, while a neutral, limits a few choices. I personally don’t like to wear the same color on top and bottom, but it depends on your own style and the pieces themselves. With the gray pants, we have 42 simple outfit options.
Corduroy set
Finally, the navy corduroys. I like combining different shades of blue, especially when one is navy. This opens it up to 53 outfit combinations. And that’s just a top and pants! Throwing a cardigan over jeans and the striped t-shirt gives the outfit a whole new look.
Next week: skirts. We’ll probably hit 100 outfits by then.

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