Thrifty Thursday – Easy Foaming Soap

We go through a ton of hand soap. Mainly because someone who isn’t me pumps it like three or four times every time he washes his hands. But oh well, that’s how it goes. I was tired of being out of soap all time within a week or two of buying a foaming soap dispenser. We tried buying just the refill of foaming soap but that gets expensive if you run out of that too.

While browsing Pinterest I saw plenty of DIY foaming soap pins and decided to give it a try. You only need one thing besides a foaming soap bottle, which if you’ve run out recently, there you go.

The one thing you need is plain hand soap. The big bottles can run under $5 and they last a long time. The amount missing in the top is from making one bottle of foaming soap.

Simply pour about an inch of soap into the bottle, fill the rest up with water (but not too much!) and shake gently. It won’t combine at first but after shaking and leaving it alone, it will be a uniform color after a while. 

I took the first pictures on June 8th, and this is from today. 10 days and not empty yet, good sign! 

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