Fashion Friday – Closet Series

If you follow my Pinterest boards, you might see that I have a lot of it dedicated to making the perfect wardrobe. There are a lot of pins out there that tell you what items you need in your wardrobe, how to remove things from your wardrobe, and so on.

This one in particular caught my attention by not telling you to go through your entire closet and decide to keep, donate or trash. The first step is to pick out the clothing you love and set it apart from the rest. Then you go on, make outfits, shop from the rest of your wardrobe, and it should become clear what things you really don’t love.

Today I’m focusing on step one. Welcome to my closet:
 photo Closet tour_zps2zirm0kw.jpg
You can see I have ton of clothes. I hang on to a lot of them that I’ve had forever, just because I can’t part with them. So I picked out the clothing I love and the clothing that I feel represents my style best.

 photo Tops_zpshswc1oox.jpg
I don’t absolutely love everything here, but I did pick out things I love along with simple items that represent the style I want. Some things, like the polos, I bought for my various retail jobs and they’re kind of meh but they get the job done. A polo with nice slacks or a pencil skirt is my go-to interview outfit if I need one, plus I have the blazer. I want a second blazer that has sleeves and fits better.

 photo t shirts_zpsoo9rbzty.jpg
T-shirts are definitely a weak spot in my wardrobe. I have a ton more, but they’re either band t-shirts or silly ones I’ve had for years from cheap places in the mall with cutesy stuff on them. I need to find some good quality ones to add to and replace these. Any sources of good t-shirts?

 photo Sweaters_zps0xjcquf6.jpg
As you can see in the closet tour photo, I have a ton of sweaters, but only these four made the cut of ‘I love these’. They’re comfortable, decent quality, mature looking and aren’t scratchy.

 photo Pants_zpsvdk7pjnv.jpg
Pants are the one category I think I’m great in. I’ve got my basic jeans, black jeans, and pants in two neutral colors that aren’t black or denim. The one thing I do need is a nice pair of dress pants, and maybe some fun colored pants, like maroon or cobalt. I also need shorts pretty badly, I don’t own any.

 photo Skirts_zpsbclwcrhk.jpg
Skirts. This is one of my hardest categories to get rid of. These are all of my skirts except for one I’ve almost already decided to donate. Six isn’t too bad right?

 photo Dresses_zpsrmfq8yzg.jpg
I already covered these dresses in my Paring Down my Wardrobe post. Five very different dresses aren’t too many. It’s the others I have to worry about.

I definitely have a theme in my wardrobe with gray, blue and a little bit of red to purple. Seeing everything isolated really helped. This is only 34 items, I can almost do a 30X30 or a 333 project with these!

Next week I’m going to work on outfits, try to pinpoint the holes in my wardrobe and see if anything left in the closet can be saved.

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