Thrifty Thursday – Homemade Pizza Sauce 

My pizza journey is pretty much complete! I started here with canned pizza dough and jarred sauce:
Bad pizza

Then I moved to more natural premade pizza doughs to eventually making my own. And now I have successfully made pizza sauce! No more tiny $3 jars of sauce when I can make a quart for $1 or less. Pizza is a very thrifty dinner around here, especially since I caved and bought the jar of yeast instead of the packets. You get so much more for your money!

The ingredients: 28 ounces of crushed tomatoes, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, basil and oregano, plus a jar. Not pictured: sugar. I experimented with brown sugar instead of white because I was just completely out. It didn’t taste strange at all.

The can of tomatoes pretty much filled the jar to the top. I dumped in all of my ingredients and stirred them with a spoon.

Then I put it on a pizza. This is all that was left after dinner. This pizza sauce could not be easier, especially considering you save money and can make it without even going to the store if you keep these tomatoes on hand. For ingredient amounts and the official recipe I used, go here.

I suppose my next step is to get more adventurous with toppings, but pizza is an afterthought around here. It’s my quick, cheap, here’s-some-dinner on Friday nights because I always keep the ingredients on hand. The toppings are basically whatever vegetables I have leftover from the week.

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