Yesterday was Day 15 of this fitness challenge! It’s going pretty well, I haven’t missed a single day yet, even if I’m not feeling well and don’t want to do something specific like crunches.

Since I’m so out of shape, I’m following the push-up numbers for crunches and squats, so I did 18 of each last night. Planking is the worst though. I’m up to a minute and a half and it’s excruciating. At least tonight I only have that and push-ups to do. Plus I always start out my workouts with some stretching.

Also, I got a little sidetracked on my healthy diet. I made some banana muffins and my aunt gave us some cookies, so I just kind of had to eat them. So now I’m back on track. Pretzels and hummus and fruit for snacks with some occasional yogurt, and no more desserts at home until the wedding. We’ll see how that goes anyway.

See you on June 25th to see how I did!

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