Life Update

I actually had an idea for a Fashion Friday post today, but I never got around to it because I’ve been so busy. Yesterday I spent an hour or so at a hairdresser’s working on my wedding hair trial. I’m pretty excited about how it’s going to look! Then I went and tried on the veil my mom is making with my hair style.

I have a huge book edit to do by Tuesday, it’s twice as long as my usual ones. That’s going to take up a huge chunk of time. But I can’t work on it today because I have to go do laundry at my parents’ and the laptop I use (the fiance’s) isn’t working at the moment. One of these days I need to just do it and buy my own work laptop, but it’s like: works well, is inexpensive, is small enough, pick two. I’ve been considering an HP Stream (small, is inexpensive) or a Microsoft Surface (small, works well). I don’t need much, just a laptop type thing with a keyboard that runs Microsoft Word and has internet, and is small/light enough to throw in my bag.

Keep an eye on my blog either Saturday or Sunday for a food post to go along with the book I reviewed on Wednesday! But for now I need to finish up my meal plan and shopping list so I can go do laundry. Yay…

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