Thrifty Thursday – What To Do With Ten Pounds of Potatoes

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a giant bag of potatoes because they were on sale. I’m terrible at actually remembering I have potatoes and putting them in my meal plan. So when I went to check on them (they were in my hall closet because I just didn’t have room in the kitchen for ten pounds of potatoes) some of them were sprouting! Oh no, I had to use them up quick or throw them out!

First I sorted the potatoes into three piles. Ones that were sprouting a lot got tossed out. Potatoes that were just starting to sprout were in one pile and the ones that hadn’t started yet got put into a third pile.

The potatoes that hadn’t sprouted yet got put back into the bag while I removed the early sprouting spots from the other pile. These I chopped up and made into French fries!

These potatoes made enough for two batches. I froze them on the foil and then tossed them into a freezer bag for later.

What about the second batch of potatoes? I pulled them out the next day, peeled every single one of them (seriously, more than half an hour of peeling), and boiled them. Mashed potatoes!

I love mashed potatoes, especially homemade. It’s way easier than I ever thought. After boiling, I drain them and throw them into a bowl. I add about a tablespoon of butter and 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of milk, and start mashing and mixing. They’re so creamy and so delicious.

I’m going to attempt to freeze them for an easy side dish later. Hopefully the texture won’t be too weird.

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – What To Do With Ten Pounds of Potatoes

  1. Great additions to mashed potatoes: yogurt (plain of course) instead of or as well as milk; garlic (finely minced) and pepper! Maybe not such a good idea if you’re planning to freeze, but really good for single meal batches.


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