Tasty Tuesday – Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry

I went basically off recipe for this one. I used some techniques from one recipe, the sauce from another, and just kind of winged it from there.

First I chopped up my asparagus because I already had my cutting board out for one of my Thrifty Thursday projects. When buying asparagus, you should always check the heads of them to make sure they’re hard and not mushy. I forgot this time and had to throw half of them out.

Then I thawed my frozen shrimp. For some reason I really hate cooking with already peeled shrimp. The texture doesn’t seem the same somehow. I usually buy easy peel shrimp and run cold water over them while I peel, so by the time they’re all peeled, they’re perfectly thawed. These don’t work like that.

I stirred the shrimp in a marinade of soy sauce and honey, one tablespoon each. I let that sit while I started cooking.

I sauteed some garlic then cooked the asparagus first before making a hole in the center for the shrimp to cook. It worked, but not as well as I hoped. Once the shrimp was pretty much cooked, I added the rest of the soy sauce/honey marinade they sat in.

I was already cooking the asparagus before I remembered to cook the rice. Oops! We had to wait a while after the stir fry was done for the rice to finish up. I usually buy Uncle Ben’s Parboiled Rice but I was tired of buying such small bags. I noticed some parboiled rice in the Spanish section of the grocery store was in a large bag and a dollar less than the large bag of Uncle Ben’s, so I gave it a shot. Rice is rice I guess, though I can’t tell if this is white or brown rice.

It was edible and it tasted okay, but it could have been better. I should have cooked the shrimp first then added the asparagus. The sauce also didn’t thicken plus there was extra water, probably from the thawing shrimp. But you live and learn.

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