Fitness Friday

No, this isn’t a new feature, but I wanted to write a post about this.

I’m not the most in shape person. I can thank my somewhat small appetite for the fact that I’m on the skinny side because I certainly don’t burn many calories in the gym. I’ve never been to a gym, which is a shame because we have one in our apartment complex. They just really intimidate me.

While browsing Pinterest, I found this little workout challenge thing.


It seemed easy enough, working up to harder and longer moves. Plus there’s no jumping jacks or anything of the sort because I have no idea if jumping would disturb my downstairs neighbor. Yet another reason to wish we had a house.

I thought working on all of these together would do a nice, somewhat well-rounded workout.

Well, it’s day 3, and I’m in pain. 50 squats is seriously a ton of squats! My thighs hurt whenever I stand up, so I decided to scale back on those a bit, more in line with how many push ups I’m supposed to do per day. If by the end of thirty days I can do 50 squats more easily, I’ll be happy.

My thirty days are up on June 25th, a month before my wedding. I’ll definitely have to check in again to write about how it went.

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