Thrifty Thursday – Granola Bars, Attempt #1

Granola bars are one of those things that aren’t exactly a necessity, but they’re very useful and good to have around. Whether it’s to throw in your bag on your way out the door, or a much needed snack between meals when you don’t want to indulge too much, granola bars are usually well worth buying. It just sucks that they cost so much, up to a dollar per bar.

I’ve wanted to make granola bars for so long. My stipulations for finding a recipe are 1) can’t have peanut butter (my fiance hates it) and 2) shouldn’t have a bunch of ingredients I’d never buy normally. These banana bread granola bars seemed to fit the bill. So I tried them.

I gathered all of my ingredients, a good practice. I tend to grab things as I go and I end up unorganized and running short on time, or I forget something. These bars need old fashioned oats, one banana, ground flax seed, honey (we were running low so I subbed in some maple syrup. Bad idea?), vanilla, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, and nuts. I used cashews because that’s what my fiance asked for.

Tossed the flax seed with oats in one bowl, and mixed together everything else in the other. I didn’t get my banana very smooth, whoops.

Poured the liquid over the dry ingredients and mixed thoroughly. It seemed really dry so I did add maybe a teaspoon or more of honey.

Pressed it out really flat into a pan. I used my potato masher to push it down farther.

Then I baked it for 35 minutes.

They were seriously crumbly and had trouble staying together. Half of it was more ‘granola’ than ‘bar’ which is cool too I guess. I’ll have to find a use for the granola part, maybe buy some Greek yogurt. If I make this recipe again, I’m going to double the amount of syrup or honey because I was very conservative with it.

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