Don’t you hate when someone tells you something and you insist they’re wrong, but then they turn out to be right?

Last year I attempted to grow strawberries on our balcony but we got so much rain that it got flooded and they died. It was a seriously pathetic looking plant.

Dead Strawberry

See? It grew one single strawberry, but it was not a healthy plant whatsoever. So I abandoned it and let it die and then it got covered in snow all winter.

My fiance said ‘it’ll come back next year, just leave it there.’ And of course I thought he was crazy because that plant was beyond saving. A few days ago he told me to look at my pot still on the balcony.


Well then. Looks like they’re going to try again this year without my help. I’ll give them water when it’s dry, but they made it this far without me, I want to see what happens.

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