Wedding Food Inspiration

I’ve probably been stressing out over the food more than any other part of my wedding. I want it to be delicious and represent us but also not be too over the top. I think I’ve decided what to do, but I still have to figure out the logistics. It’s going to be a lunch reception, so I don’t have to do anything too heavy.

Our wedding cake is going to be pound cake with Italian buttercream frosting and fresh berries and I want the food to also be classic and simple and fresh. I think I’ve decided on a sandwich bar, but no premade deli platter for me, thanks. I want to take it up a notch with nice crusty breads instead of white bread rolls and a small variety of cheeses and spreads. I found a few inspirations on Pinterest, no pictures belong to me.


These are pre-assembled, but I love the look of them.

Fruit veggie and cheese plates

I love the tiny sandwiches plus the platters of fresh fruits, vegetables and cheese.

Veggie cups

These veggie cups are adorable and convenient. I should do some with hummus and maybe some Greek yogurt based dip.

Fruit cups

Same with the fruit cups.

Fruit buffet

I love melons and I adore this tiny fruit buffet.


Love the look of this buffet spread.

Sandwich buffet

And finally, the perfect sandwich bar set up. Choices of spreads, breads, meats and cheese, plus toppings.

Now I’m definitely hungry. What would you guys think of a wedding with this kind of set up? Any tips for this kind of buffet?

3 thoughts on “Wedding Food Inspiration

  1. I think you’re getting some really great ideas!! You seem to already know what you want…choose your favorites and go with them…simple and flavorful really is the best! And have fun with it! 🙂


    1. Thanks! It’s like we only ever get to do something like this once usually and I want to make sure I’m making the right choices. Simple and frugal are really what I’m going for though, because I doubt many people are actually going to remember the food at all.

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      1. That is so true…I have attended so many weddings and most of the food has been relatively the same – nothing wrong with that, of course, but that just means that you can do anything you want! Have fun with it and keep it within your budget and YOU will have the best day anyway!!

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