What I Read Wednesday – A Family Affair by Mary Campisi

A Family Affair

Another free iBook. Next week starts an exciting new feature for What I Read Wednesday!

When Christine Blacksworth’s father dies in a car accident on his way home from a monthly trip to his cabin, his family is heartbroken of course. But who is the mysterious woman who survived the wreck, and who is Lily Desantro, who he left part of his estate to?

When Charlie Blacksworth’s lawyer gives Christine Lily’s address in Magdalena, she decides she has to have answers. She soon discovers the other life Charlie had been hiding, but that just gives her more questions, like what kind of man her father really was.

Christine isn’t her father’s daughter for nothing. The more answers she gets, the more she finds herself drawn to this other family, other life she’s discovered. She has to choose between the opulent life of money and power in Chicago or the simple life in Magdalena. Or will she choose not to choose, like her father?

I really liked this book. It gave you nice secrets to look forward to but kept throwing twists in every step of the way. Like Christine, you may approach the subject with one opinion, but change your mind along the way.

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