Tasty Tuesday – Meatless Stir Fry

Monday was a busy day so I had to make something quick and easy for dinner. After my fiance got off work, we rushed to our venue to put our deposit down. It’s official, we’re getting married July 25th!

This stir fry only has four ingredients: mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and pineapple. I decided to use the sweet and sour sauce from my Sweet and Sour Stir Fry because it perfectly complements stir fries with pineapple. My fiance peeled and chopped the carrots while I made the sauce then I sliced up the mushrooms.

I sauteed the carrots and mushrooms in sesame oil, just until the mushrooms were softened. I like my carrots to keep a bit of crunch.

Then I added frozen broccoli until it started to warm up before adding the sauce until thickened. The pineapples were thrown in last to just heat up.

Serve with some delicious brown rice. I only have two regrets about this meal: I didn’t think to buy tofu and I didn’t make it in my wok.

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