Thursday Thoughts – Wedding Gowns

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday and wow is that an experience. I only took my mom and my best friend, who needs a huge entourage? I had to get myself in and out of more than 20 dresses by myself, with a little help from the saleslady and my best friend for zipping and buttoning.

I discovered that wedding dresses are a lot heavier and hotter than they seem. I’m super short so I was literally tripping over the skirts and trying to get them out of my way so I could actually move, and sweeping the train in after me trying to get into the closet of a dressing room (I swear my closets are bigger than this room was).

What really surprised me was the pressure on me to pick one. My friend and I surprisingly really liked the very first dress I tried on but most of the others were just like ‘It’s a really pretty dress, but…’ the skirt was too big, the train was too long, it was too blingy, it was too fancy for the low key wedding we have planned… I never had that ‘I found my dress!’ moment.

I have this problem where I make snap decisions in situations like this because the salesperson intimidates me. I tried to avoid that this time by putting my first dress on hold for the night. I’m not like ‘oh my God, I love everything about it’ and it’s very different from what I had in mind when I walked in, but something kept me thinking about it.

Aside from my snap decision-making, I have a pretty good track record of seeing something, not buying it, thinking about it and going back for it. Those things are usually things I end up loving, like my amazing trench coat and my engagement ring. I’m hoping that’s the case here.

In any event, I’m super short on time and I don’t want to pass up a dress I like in case I might find something else, because I really don’t have other options besides ordering one online and that’s iffy. Consignment shopping is the same way, a gamble. I could find that one-in-a-million dress, but I could also come up empty handed.

I just have to remind myself that the dress doesn’t honestly matter as long as I look nice. I’m marrying the man I’ve known I wanted to marry from close to the beginning and he’s pretty much my best friend. The small details don’t matter. That’s just hard when you enter the wedding industry that tells you all these things do matter, like custom, personalized invitations for hundreds of dollars when I bought a DIY kit for $11.

I’m going today to purchase and get fitted for the dress I put on hold yesterday. I think I’ll be more relieved to have that done than anything.

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