Thursday Thoughts – Dieting

I have a lot of thoughts today so I’m going to break it down into two posts.

It would surprise a lot of people to know that I diet. It’s not about the number of pounds I want to lose as much as I want to be more mindful about what and how much I eat. I want to lose about four pounds at the moment, but only to get myself in the habit of eating right.

My weight has fluctuated a lot over the past five years or so. At 19/20, I was probably up around 120 lbs then I had some major anxiety kick in. The anxiety wouldn’t let me eat much for a long period of time and I dropped down to 94 lbs. The anxiety has been mostly dealt with, it’s never cured but I’ve gotten good at removing triggers, including the giant one I had at the time.

Now I fluctuate between 103 to 115, but I try to keep it at 105. Not because I need to have that much control over it, but because I want to keep up the habit of eating exactly what I need and not to excess. That’s obviously a major problem in the modern world. I go through cycles of not being hungry and being hungry all the time and I want to find the right balance between them, and the right kinds of foods to fuel it.

It’s definitely a struggle when you get in the habit of just eating like everyone else. Once you track the calories, you realize you’re eating way too much. The first day I started this diet again, I had to skip lunch because I realized I was eating way too many calories, mostly in snacks. I’ve been working on buying much more nutritious, less sugary snacks, like the hummus and pita chips I picked up this week or the carrots and eggs from last week.

I used My Fitness Pal but I found something I like much better, Cron-O-Meter. The app doesn’t get great reviews, but the website is perfectly detailed. It tracks your calories, but doesn’t emphasize diet. It shows you every single micronutrient and how much you’re getting versus what you need. If you focus on filling the nutrient bars, you’re going to be getting much better food for you.

 photo d644d186-34a5-48c3-9ec8-c1fdaf3bddd1_zpseth5obsn.png

This is from a pretty typical day for me. I didn’t go over my calorie count, yet filled up a lot of my nutrient bars. The biotin is overfull because I take a supplement but there really isn’t a upper intake limit for it. I need to figure out how to get more iron, potassium, folate and vitamin E, plus get less sugar and sodium.

Everyone benefits from going on a diet, even if it’s just maintenance. As for me, it’s going to be very beneficial as I have to make sure I fit into my wedding dress over a few months. There is no room for error, alterations are expensive.

Do you track what you eat?

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