Tasty Tuesday – Smoked Sausage and Chick Peas

Beans in general were never my thing growing up but I’ve really come to like them after learning to cook. I’ve never had chick peas before except in hummus. I thought this would be a nice, safe way to try them without them being the main feature of the dish.

I gathered my ingredients: one package of turkey sausage, one green pepper, fresh homemade chicken stock (very fresh, it hadn’t even gone into the fridge yet), one can of chick peas or garbanzo beans, and one can of tomatoes. The recipe called for diced tomatoes but I was horrified to see that I didn’t have any. So I substituted.

The recipe suggested that I serve this with rice, so I started a pot of rice. I chopped up the green pepper and the sausage.

First I sauteed the green pepper in oil before adding some minced garlic and then the sausage. Once the sausage was pretty brown, I stirred in half of my can of crushed tomatoes, the chick peas and the chicken stock. Then that simmered for about fifteen minutes or until the liquid reduced.

It was really watery because of the crushed tomato substitution, so I decided to stir in the brown rice to soak up a little. This was amazing, definitely going on our favorites list!

The full recipe is here.

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