Tasty Tuesday Mini Post – Wedding Cakes

Don’t worry, your regularly scheduled post will be up tonight, I just haven’t cooked it yet.

Nothing is set in stone yet but it looks like we’ll be getting married in August! That’s like four months away so I have to start planning pronto. We’re looking at a venue this weekend and I’ll be going dress shopping just as soon as my sunburn fades a bit because that’s not fun.

I’ll be asking my aunt to hopefully make my wedding cake (she made her daughter’s, my cousin’s, cake and it was beautiful). I just have to decide what I want first.

One thing I know I don’t want is fondant. Tastes like flavored play doh to me. I like cake but I’m very picky about frosting. Store bought cake has frosting so sweet it dries my mouth out and gives me a headache. Cream cheese frosting would be ideal but I don’t know if my poor lactose intolerant stomach can handle it. I haven’t had cream cheese in like a year because it hurts so badly.

Here are some of my options:


Cheesecake. Because delicious. But as it’s usually made with cream cheese, I don’t know if I can handle it.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake. Might be somewhat polarizing though I think most people like it, including my fiance who “doesn’t like cake.” Plus there’s the issue of cream cheese frosting.

Plain Frosting

Plain cake with buttercream or some other frosting. A safe bet.

Naked Wedding Cake

The Naked Wedding Cake. According to Pinterest it’s a pretty big trend. It looks delicious plus has half the frosting of a normal cake. Plus fruit. I just think it looks a bit too rustic for what I’m going for.

Frosting with Fruit

I’m pretty sure this is the one. Plain cake with frosting and fruit. I love fruit so much and I hate most cake decorations, especially flowers. It makes me not want to eat it. Plus it seems super simple to make with a bit of piping. And if we get married in August, all the delicious berries will be in season. How amazing would it be to have handpicked berries on my cake?

PS: This is my 50th post! Hooray!

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