Big News!

Today was a very special day. I wasn’t all that thrilled to hike a mountain today, and it turns out I was right to be wary. The trail we climbed was under 2 miles… straight up. The entire trail wasn’t a trail at all, but just a bunch of rocks. We got to where we could see the summit, said good enough, ate our lunch and climbed back down.

I now have a sunburn (not surprising, I’m as pale as you get) and everything from my knees down hurts. My toenails are even bruised because my sneakers are not meant for mountain climbing and my feet kept sliding forward in them. I even had a small panic attack coming back down because I was just in such pain and things like climbing down rocks where I don’t have sure footing freaks me out.

But the best thing happened at the bottom.

When we got into the car, the boyfriend handed me a small box.


(excuse my skin, I just climbed a mountain and I’m sunburned)

It’s not quite as romantic, but he had me pick this ring out myself. It just came in from being sized and he said he was going to make me wait for it. But he didn’t 😀

I am beyond happy right now.

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