Fashion Friday – Paring Down My Wardrobe: Dresses

I have twelve dresses. You know how many times I wear a dress throughout the year? I can probably count it on one hand. To wear them more, I need to cut down on the number I have and make sure they all fit into the wardrobe I want to build.

By trying on everything and taking pictures, you can get an objective look at them and how they look on you. There were a few that I put on and was quickly like “Yeah okay, I should get rid of this.”

Apologies in advance for my terrible photography skills again. My real camera goes missing often. I believe it’s buried somewhere at my parents’ house.

Without further ado, here are the Absolutely Keep dresses:

 photo 3d029643-d0bf-4c6e-bee9-3184eb0504bc_zpsqydlbf4p.jpg

I bought this in college for a choir production I was in. We did “100 Years of Broadway” and I needed a dress to match a mask for “Masquerade” from Phantom of the Opera. Of course, other girls showed up in prom dresses so I was a bit underdressed. But a plus for me, I got a pretty dress I can rewear over and over. It came with ties at the shoulders that I recently chopped off and sewed shut.

 photo dd21de71-9a27-4e26-aa9c-c9b074ed52a6_zpstxqoxcyd.jpg

Everyone needs a red dress, right? This is just a plain t-shirt dress from H&M and it’s perfect. I wore it on my first date with the boyfriend so I am never parting with it. I want one of these in a dozen more colors, but that wouldn’t be very minimalist, would it?

 photo d9851ca9-1758-4e23-83d7-ff3a677adeb3_zpsdyspjhln.jpg

I fell in love with this dress at H&M. I saw it there and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to go back and get it. It’s just a plain black A-line dress with a zipper down the front. Simplicity is key. I don’t like the way the waist fits, maybe I can get it tailored.

 photo 6f07a9ee-c634-41c7-8063-fde904989574_zps3ymks7zp.jpg

More simplicity, more H&M. This gray skater dress is perfect for winter with a pair of tights. The fabric is heavy but not overly so.

 photo 33397045-93e7-4a47-b910-d0cbbdfed58a_zpsbrp7cmmy.jpg

When I was in college I ordered a cute dress from Delia’s (RIP) (this one, far left, in purple) but when it arrived it was way too big for me. I tried to reorder but it was sold out, so I bought this one instead. It’s great for semiformal occasions.

The Should I Keep This? dresses:

 photo f355c1b9-2f7c-43bc-9654-a24a002c1b66_zpslcb3ewgh.jpg

This one is from Target. It was an online return that I found randomly in another section and it was conveniently in my size. It was just a bit too long, so I hemmed it myself (by hand) to right above the knee. I like it and it fits, I just feel like it could be more flattering.

 photo 945a4467-adc5-4c7f-83e6-a2804fd2e274_zpsahbq5k13.jpg

Bought this one from Target for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner. I also bought some sky high platform sandals that made me faceplant, in this dress, on the sidewalk while carrying in some decorations. My knees did not appreciate that. It’s really cute and it has pockets (!!!) but I wonder if it’s just too cute and not mature enough. Or should I keep it and wear it to the beach?

 photo 3fd08888-6a55-48bf-9d6d-a13ee8074cc0_zpsf0alapot.jpg

This dress makes me feel like Kate Middleton, especially with some pumps. Which is definitely not a bad thing. Except I just feel like some parts of it are awkward like the faux wrap top thing and the fact that the sleeves are kind of tight. But it’s a lovely color and pattern and fabric, is it too colorful for a funeral dress maybe?

The I Should Really Get Rid Of This dresses:

 photo b87eb0be-f22e-420c-82dd-1a1384c64bb5_zpsguby3xbl.jpg

This is the Goodwill dress I mentioned in my Minimalism post. It’s actually from Target originally, and it’s really cute. It just think it’s a hair too long for me and just a bit too formal. It’s in great condition though.

 photo 9b9f86f4-a642-49f0-b6ee-ce6b5d7973c1_zpsvzfx9mgc.jpg

I bought this one at Goodwill the same day as the black one. I love this dress, it’s from the Gap and so comfy, but I just do not wear brown. I don’t have any shoes that match it and I just hate the color brown in general. I thought about dyeing it, but apparently the fabric doesn’t work well with dye. It ties in the back.

 photo cc42ef5a-0ddc-461a-8049-4e0125291988_zpsgtwamhjn.jpg

This was my very first semiformal dress. I went to my first dance ever in college so I bought this for it. It’s cute, just not my style anymore. Plus who needs two semiformal dresses? It has a velvet sash and an uneven hem, a bit dated.

 photo bde8f5ef-e3ad-493c-9115-5da8b83fe5f6_zpsbmn1idg1.jpg

I saw this dress online and loved it. I went immediately to an H&M store and tracked it down. I’ve even seen two other girls wearing it, which never happens to me. But somehow, I don’t know if it shrank in the wash or something, but it just doesn’t look good on me anymore. Plus it’s really short and I can’t stand short skirts. And the buttons gape for some reason. Maybe I grew, who knows. Sadly it might be time to part with it.

That wasn’t so hard, I’m only definitely keeping less than half of them, that’s a big improvement!

Thank you for coming on a journey through my closet with me. If you have opinions on any of these or are interested in any of the items I’m thinking about getting rid of, leave a comment! They are all around a size 4 and in good condition. I’m also 5’0 for length comparison.

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