Thursday Thoughts – April 30

April is over, the weather is getting gorgeous out, and I really feel like things are changing for me.

It’s Thursday and I’ve been very productive all week. I’ve showered every single morning (instead of sitting around in my PJs all day and then rushing to shower right before the boyfriend gets home so it doesn’t look like I’ve been a lazy bum all day), on Tuesday I even did a 30 minute yoga routine (man, am I out of shape).

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and started working on getting my wisdom teeth out (eww, and after seeing the boyfriend do it, oww). Today I dropped off his pants at the dry cleaners for the first time then did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s (and Ulta, coupons are amazing). I’m even proud of myself for putting back the purple lipstick I wanted in favor of a makeup brush I sorely needed (seriously, I’ve probably had my big powder brush since before high school) and some new concealer.

I don’t know why I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s more, it’s literally down the street and I find so many amazing things there. Too many things I think, I only went in for like two things and came out with a bag full of stuff. I vow to go there every week before we go food shopping for the week because we could save so much money.

Another reason to go is that I’m cleaning up my diet even more. I’m being mindful of how much I eat (big post on that later) and working on getting more healthy snacks.

Today I picked up:

  • A 1 lb bag of whole, organic carrots – $.89 (A 2 lb bag is on sale at my supermarket for $1.99)
  • 4 Minneola oranges – $.69 each, total of $2.76 (my supermarket is selling navel oranges for $.99 per lb)
  • A bag of kale – $1.99 (A smaller bag is $2.50 at my supermarket)
  • Extra firm tofu – $1.99 (also $2.50 at the supermarket)
  • A pound of ground turkey – $2.99 (These can easily reach $5 at my store)
  • A pesto pizza that they advertised in their flyer and the entire reason I went in the first place – $4.99
  • A bag of hard boiled eggs for snacks – $2.49 (I could easily make these and was planning on it, but I thought I’d try these)
  • 2 small tubs of Greek yogurt – $.99 each, to see if I like them

Without the pizza and the hard boiled eggs, I’d pay about $16 for all of this stuff at the supermarket. Everything at Trader Joe’s minus the pizza and eggs comes out to $12.60. That’s a few dollars knocked off of our grocery bill for the week at least.

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