My New Vanity!


You guys, I’m so excited! I’ve been dying for a vanity forever, to put my makeup on at a nice, lighted mirror instead of leaning over the bathroom counter.

My parents got me this as a late (very late) Christmas present today, though it was more like “here’s the money, go buy it and put it together yourself.” Which I did, it took me at least an hour. Especially when I put one of the pieces on backwards and had to take it apart again.

It’s just a plain desk, but it’s a nice desk and I already had a mirror, my grandmother’s light up mirror from the 70s. I still need to get more organizational stuff (the drawers are a mess) but yay, a vanity!


Closer picture. I need a better brush cup and some acrylic makeup holders (must display my lovely lipstick collection!) but it will work. The earring holder to the left is holding mostly my handmade earrings, I should get back into doing that. On the right behind my brush cup is my perfume/body spray collection.

Left drawer currently holds my palettes and fake eyelashes, middle drawer has face stuff and eye stuff, right drawer is full of lip stuff. The side drawers are super disappointing, they only go back half of the width of the desk. So much empty space.

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