What I Read Wednesday – Silence by Natasha Preston


Another free iBook.

Silence is the story of a girl, Oakley, who suddenly stopped speaking 11 years ago and no one knows why. While her parents desperately try to fix her, she leans on her brother Jasper, a womanizer, and her best friend Cole.

Cole is popular and Oakley feels like, and is treated like, a freak at school. She has no idea why he cares about her, especially when he reveals that he has feelings for her. The story is told from alternate points of view of Oakley and Cole as he just wants to love her and she feels so broken from the events that happened to her as a child that made her quit speaking.

Silence is cliche in that high school students declare never ending love to each other, but it definitely goes deeper than that. We don’t find out what happened to Oakley until Cole does, and the reveal is written from his point of view so it leaves a bit up to the imagination.

It could have used a bit more drama. Her bully at school is mean throughout the book then has a sudden change of heart it seems. Oakley’s situation is hinted at from her perspective (she’ll never forget Frank) but a scene of it happening would have made a much greater impact instead of going straight to the aftermath of when she confesses to Cole and asks for help.

Overall it is a very sweet book that leaves you feeling sad at the minor cliffhanger ending, which luckily leaves it open for the sequel. I am definitely interested in reading more books from this author.

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