Menu Monday – April 27

Finally, our food and schedules are back to normal now that the boyfriend has mostly recovered from his wisdom teeth removal.

The word of the day while making this meal plan was vegetables and I managed to have at least one vegetable in every dish I’m making this week. I bought some spinach, four bell peppers (2 green, 2 red) and a bunch of asparagus.

This week:

  • Skillet Sausage and Rice – Growing up, I hated green peppers. When I was seven I choked on a pepper on a supreme pizza and I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten another supreme pizza. This recipe sold me on eating bell peppers. When I cook them, the smell reminds me of stir fry. I’m still learning everything I can do with this amazing vegetable.
  • One-Pot Chicken and Spinach Pasta – This is a new recipe I’ve never tried before, but spinach is one of my all time favorite vegetables. Even when I was a kid I loved things with spinach in them, like pizza.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir Fry – This is my go-to stir fry recipe. It’s basic for those that haven’t tried stir fry before, but easy to customize and the sauce is delicious.
  • Green Pepper Casserole – A favorite of course. This time I’m going to try it with a red pepper and see how it tastes.
  • Herb Grilled Chicken with Sauteed Asparagus – No need for a recipe for these, I’m going to grill some chicken with olive oil and herbes de Provence, and saute chopped asparagus in butter with a little bit of cheese. I’ll also serve a baked potato on the side.

I’m pretty proud of this menu with all the protein and vegetables. I’m really working on serving varied meals throughout the week and getting away from so much pasta all the time. Once again, I was pretty good with a budget and only spent around $33 for dinner ingredients.

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