Fashion Friday – Spring Inspiration

I love spring. I love crisp air and birds and flowers. Living in New England, we don’t get a lot of spring. We get a long, snowy winter and that in-between time that looks like spring but really doesn’t feel like it. Then suddenly it’s summer and super hot.

Even though it’s hard to dress for spring here, I can still imagine what I’d like to wear on those days where it warms up but isn’t quite hot yet. Here are some looks I’ve pinned for the season.

pink and gray
I’m not a big fan of pink, but this shade looks gorgeous next to one of my favorite colors, gray.

girl and closet
Longer sleeves and a gorgeous bright skirt.

Red cardigan
This look says “Going out to a spring baseball game” to me. Not that I’m a big sports fan, but this is something I’d wear if I ended up at a game.

Yellow outfit
I’ve really been loving the color yellow even though it doesn’t look great on me. It just screams spring.

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