Thursday Thoughts – April 23


Making my meal plan today and the word of the day is vegetables. I really want to focus on eating more of them and try to eat more from the outer perimeter of the grocery store.

I’ve been watching Good Eats and I love the episodes that focus on a specific vegetable and different ways to prepare it. It really makes me want to try more, like I just haven’t found the right way of eating things like Brussels sprouts and zucchini and other vegetables I just don’t like. I also have this weird aversion to working with whole tomatoes. There was a period of time a while ago that every time I’d eat tomatoes, I got sick. I’m fine now but I think that has just carried over.

I also really want to eat more beans, but I don’t like soup and I don’t want to just pile some beans on the plate. It’s such a learning process to know you want to change but don’t know exactly how to go about it.

I’ve been working on eating more fruit lately too. Cantaloupe is finally coming into season so I’ve been eating a quarter of it with my breakfast each morning. I’m also still on my orange kick, though oranges larger than softballs are really just too much at once.

What are your favorite vegetables? How do you like to prepare them?

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